Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring

How secure are you?

My building is secure I have a CCTV system Installed.

Is anyone watching it? When an incident occurs, you can go back and review your CCTV and say the intruder entered at this time and left at that time and he looked like. You can see the damage and access goods stolen, but it did not stop it from happening?

Improve your security and peace of mind at a faction of the cost of a Security Guard

We all know that to have a security guard on site improves the security of your building, but we also know that it can be quite costly and not always needed.


How do you achieve the same level of security at a faction of the cost?


CCTV Remote Monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring, with modern technology has improved over the last few years, better and more reliable internet, improved CCTV camera quality has made the process a better and cheaper way to secure your premises

CCTV Monitoring operated in conjunction with motion detectors and linked via internet to our control room, will detect any movement onsite our operatives are immediately able to remotely investigate to see if the detection is caused by human activity. We are able to issue a warning via onsite speakers, and or call the police who will react because we will be describing real live events that are taking place

We can then call you if required or we can send security personnel to the site to check out your premises.

In many cases we can use your existing CCTV system, with potentially some upgrades you can now sleep at night knowing your premises are being watched when you are not there.

If you do not have CCTV system or require a system upgrade we can supply you with a quote.

You will also be able to log on to the system day or night to check what is happening on your site.

Comprehensive Security offers 3 levels of service depending on your requirements.  Call us today on 01582 667 611 for more information.

  • Static Security Guards
  • Remote CCTV Monitoring
  • Keyholding and Alarm Response
  • Reception and Concierge
  • Mobile Security Patrols